hanging a hammock safely

How To Use a Hammock Safely

Hammocks are a fun acquisition. They can serve many purposes, and of course they provide a lot of relaxation! But you need to know how to use it safely, because it can also represent some risks if you don’t know what you are doing.

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First off… Is It Any Good?

The most important part here is to make sure your hammock is well made and in good condition. If your hammock is poorly-crafted and made with poor-quality materials, then you could end up on a #hammockfail YouTube compilation.

A good quality hammock will be made from hand woven cotton, and treated to make sure it is UV resistant and is weatherproof. This will ensure you can leave it hanging in all weathers and not risk deterioration.

If you are packing your hammock away for the winter, make sure it is completely dry and clean so it stays in top condition for next season.

Be Careful Where You Hang It:

Always verify the tree, post or mounting you hang it from is safe and secure. Rotten tree branches will not be able to take much weight, so check the health of the tree carefully. If you are using a hook or post, make sure you use the right type of fastening for safety and security.


Choose the Correct Stand:

If you cannot hang the hammock from secure mountings or tree, then you should use a good quality hammock stand. Just like the hammock, this stand also needs to be solid and made with good materials. Wooden hammock stands are far superior to most metal stands; they are structurally stronger and will not bend or snap.

Mounting and Dismounting

Hammocks should be hung so they sag in the middle, this makes entering and exiting far easier. It is also more comfortable to lie in as the extra material will stretch to suit your body shape and lying position.

It is best to first sit slowly down in the centre of the hammock and then manoeuvre yourself into a comfortable position. Trying to leap on in a lying position often end up in the hammock swinging around and you ending up on the ground in a heap.


Be careful, but most of all, have fun!

Students and Their Hammocks

May 20 - Time is on your side

Hammocks nowadays are booming in popularity especially with university students who always look for new ways to hang out and chill. Many students say that hanging out in hammocks provide them a calming escape since they are able to spend more time outside and enjoy nature. It also gives them an advantage on not having to go back and fro to their dorms just to take a nap during their free time especially on examination days when sleep is usually deprived. Hammocking allows students to set up wherever they want and wherever they find comfortable to study in. It is a great place to get class readings done as long as you don’t mind taking in naps in between which is most likely to happen.

During exams,endless school works, endless studying and revisions and the never ending pressure of college, hammocks can provide an avenue of a wonderful retreat to the college students who seems to be overwhelmed by the stress in college. Hammocking can provide some much-needed downtime in between classes to students given that the students have free time on their schedule. All that there is to do is to find some peaceful place where no one would disturb and where you can tie the hammock to be able to finally have some relaxing time alone or together with college friends who wish to have some peaceful time.

In a 2011 study conducted by Michel Muhlethaler on the use of hammocks , sleep and brainwaves, He found out that those who use hammocks experience various health benefit. According to him, the rocking movements of the hammock can actually help synchronize the brainwaves which leads to a deeper sleep which eventually leads to improved mood. With deeper sleep, sharper mental performance and improved memory can result. By using hammock as a resting place, not only it contributes to deep sleep but as well as to faster sleep onset which is seen as a possible cure for those who experience insomnia.

Hammocks are extremely portable and lightweight which makes it easy to carry around your bag and to set it up anywhere you like. Students choose from many kinds of chairs for their own living spaces with the thinking that it will perfect posture and fix back problems. Sitting on a chair can develop uncomfortable pressure points which is why hammock is recommended especially for long hours of must-read and never ending readings. The only problem is the lack of space to spread out your books and papers. Hammocks are most likely ideal to reading or peaceful resting.