University Sports Teams


Through various sports associations such as the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) many colleges offer students the chance to play various competitive sports at the varsity level. Varsity athletes are required to meet academic requirements for them to win, and to stay on the team. All college athletes must manage both their time and skills in attending classes, practices and games. Every student has an opportunity to play sports. Students who can’t make it to the varsity team or who do not want intense sports can always join clubs and intramural leagues.

About New Zealand


From its topography, biodiversity, to its history, government and economy, New Zealand left an interesting impression to the world as a country which makes it a good choice if you wanted to live somewhere other than your home country.

Like any other countries like Australia, sports for the Kiwis is considered to be one of the most important parts of what is going on in New Zealand. They absolutely love sports and enjoy a variety for which the most popular sports are rugby, cricket, sailing, basketball, netball, football, tennis, golf, water sports as well as winter sports.